Colorado Truck Driver Sentenced

Colorado Truck Driver Sentenced

In a nationally recognized case, a Lakewood CO truck driver has been sentenced to 110 years behind bars for vehicular manslaughter.

In April of 2019, the truck driver lost control of his semi-truck and caused an accident that resulted in the death of 4 other drivers. The case caught national attention when it first happened due to the massive pile-up it caused and the sheer wreckage. Now, after a recent sentencing hearing after being found guilty in October, the case is catching attention for the excessive length of the sentence.

What Really Happened?

According to the truck driver, he lost control of the truck and simply closed his eyes thinking he was going to die. Unfortunately, this resulted in the semi-truck slamming into several vehicles and causing the death of four individuals. While the freeway had dedicated truck lanes and a shoulder lane like most highways in Colorado, the driver failed to pull into these areas. This of course led to a ripple effect causing 28 cars to crash and injuring several pedestrians. The truck driver received a sentence of 110 years due to vehicular manslaughter, vehicular assault and reckless driving charges.

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

Colorado is known for enforcing strict sentencing and the judge did not hold back in this case. With a sentence of 110 years, many people are asking, does the punishment truly fit the crime? Many legal influencers and experts on social media feel that the number of years the driver was sentenced to is unfair as the truck was out of the driver’s control. According to the driver, the truck’s brakes stopped working and he had zero control of the vehicle including the ability to steer it away from other drivers. This, of course, resulted in the massive accident. Should this driver (or any driver in a situation like this) be charged with such a strict sentence if they had no control of the vehicle?

This case will likely see an appeal from the driver’s attorneys and will continue to be discussed in Colorado news publications.

Backlash from the Trucking Industry in Colorado

As a result of the sentencing, authorities are predicting truck drivers in Colorado could go on strike. Truck drivers nationwide feel the sentencing was too harsh on this driver and may refuse to drive in the coming weeks. This, in addition to current supply chain issues affecting the country, could cause major issues in Colorado. While this truck driver was only carrying lumber, there’s a possibility that other truckers carrying a variety of goods may stop driving altogether.

Follow Up on the Case

As concerned Colorado residents, be sure to follow up on this case through local news outlets and national outlets like CNN. The attention surrounding this case is already at a high and will only continue as it develops.

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