Car Accidents In Colorado Are On the Rise

Car Accidents In Colorado Are On the Rise

With everyone getting back on the road and driving into the office, the Front Range has seen an uptick in car accidents in the last few months. If you’re just getting back to driving on freeways and driving within congested traffic in and around Denver, here are few tips to help keep you safe.

Always Buckle Up

It may sound like overkill at this point, but it’s very important for you to always buckle up. Even those who don’t need to drive far from their home to work should still keep buckled at all times. No only can a seatbelt save your life in the smallest car accident, but it’s also the law. In fact, a fine in Colorado for failure to wear a seatbelt is almost $200. Why not avoid a costly ticket and stay safe by wearing a seatbelt?

Check Your Blindspots

One of the most common causes of car accidents is failing to check blindspots before merging into another lane. If you’ve ever been in heavy traffic on I-25, you know you have to move quick to merge into another lane. However, this does not mean you should not stop to check all of your surroundings. Be sure to put on your blinker when you’re ready to merge, check your left, check your right and check your rearview mirror. Once you’re clean to merge, go for it. Try to merge quickly so you don’t confuse other drivers around you by leaving your blinker on for too long.

Additionally, you may want to buy some blindspot mirrors from AutoZone. These little side mirrors will give you extra vision into your blindspots and help keep you safe.

Don’t Eat & Drive

We’ve all become comfortable in the last year or so, and some people think it’s okay to eat and drive. The quick response here is that it’s not. You do not want to be fumbling with your breakfast while trying to drive on a busy Colorado freeway. Whether you’re in Lone Tree or in the heart of Denver, hold your breakfast or lunch until you make it to the office.

Put the Phone Down

Finally, what should be the most common sense recommendation – put down your phone. Distracted driving occurs most frequently from people who are on their phones while driving. Whether you are checking text messages, updating your Twitter status or posting a new photo on Instagram, it can wait. There’s simply no need to put your life or the lives of others in danger because of your phone. Be safe and keep those around you safe by setting down your mobile device.

What To Do If You Are In An Accident

Being in an accident is the worst, be it your fault or another driver’s fault. Once you make sure you are okay physically, you have to exchange insurance and assess damage to your vehicle, then submit claims to your insurance company. And if it’s a bad accident, you could end up in the hospital or with sever injuries. These injuries and hospital bills could become very expensive, which is why you’ll need a personal injury attorney like Nadim Ahmed of Colorado Injury Law. Hopefully your accident doesn’t result in severe damage and injuries, but know that you have support if it happens.

Take these considerations to mind and stay safe out there!

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