How Does A Business Attorney Help Small Businesses?

How Does A Business Attorney Help Small Businesses?

Do you run a small business in the Denver / Lone Tree area? If so, you’re not alone. According to recent statistics from the United States Chamber of Commerce, there are currently 14 million small businesses in America that employ 50% of the workforce. It’s no wonder then why many people don’t think they need an attorney for their business when they have never been sued or had any legal issues before. But let us tell you about some of the ways that a lawyer can help your company and how it could save both time and money down the line!

Establishing As the Correct Entity

One of the first reasons a small business needs an attorney in their corner is to establish their entity properly. This means setting up a business as an LLC, a sole proprietorship or a corporation (if applicable). Because there can be a lot of paperwork to file with the local courts and a lot of fine print to read over, any business owner benefits from having an attorney.

Trademarks & Patents

Beyond establishing as the right type of entity, small businesses may need legal counsel if they are seeking outside funding for the business or perhaps to establish a new company. There’s also plenty of help available in terms of trademarks and patents as well. If you operate a business that has a cool new gadget or something you want to patent and own the copyright too, a business lawyer will help you file the right documents.

Helping With Employment Disputes

In addition to these initial needs, there can be issues related to employment law (such as labor disputes) which would require assistance from an attorney. The right attorney will review your employment contracts to ensure everything is buttoned up in terms of the legal language. The last thing you want is an employee suing you just as you’re trying to grow your business.

Acquisitions & Mergers

Small businesses may also need legal counsel if they are approached by a competitor about acquisition or merger. A competent attorney can help negotiate the most favorable agreement possible in these cases, and make sure that all agreements/contracts are legally binding.

Finding the Right Business Lawyer

Always make sure that you are paying for the best services by doing your research before hiring anyone who is not board certified by the Colorado bar association. Keep these three things in mind when interviewing attorneys: location, credentials, and expertise in specific areas you need it most (i.e., patenting). For this reason, we recommend hiring the business attorneys at Scheid Cleveland in Denver. They have helped countless businesses in and around Denver for 20+ years.

A good business attorney will have knowledge in many different fields of law, from employment law and criminal defense to bankruptcy. A knowledgeable lawyer can help small businesses with any legal matter they may encounter as an entrepreneur or a businessperson.

The bottom line is this: an experienced business lawyer will be able to protect your company’s assets as well as ensure you don’t get ripped off from some unscrupulous character looking for a fast buck or two.

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