How to Choose a CBD Provider

How to Choose a CBD Provider

In Colorado and abroad, the discussion of CBD’s health benefits has been quite popular in the last few years and adoption of CBD products has steadily grown. While THC is only legal in a handful of states, CBD is legal in all states now and is a very popular form of alternative wellness. With CBD becoming so popular, how is the average consumer able to know what brand is better than another? How should one know that products will actually help with health concerns? And at the most basic level, how do you trust a brand you’ve never heard of?

Here are some common questions and concerns from users of CBD products.

Look for An Online Reputation

Because CBD is not as accessible as buying a gallon of milk at Safeway down the street, most consumers turn online to find their products. Here is where it is vital for a brand to have an established online presence where consumers can view products, check reviews and ask necessary questions. If a CBD brand doesn’t have a friendly website or online presence, it might not be the best provider for your needs.

Websites like Facebook, Google and Yelp haven’t been the most friendly to the alternative wellness industry, but you will still be able to find reviews for any brand you are interested in.

Ask Your Primary Care Physician About the Brand / Product

If you’re interested in a CBD product, there’s a good chance others have asked about it too. And if you’re not finding the right answers online, why not consider asking your doctor? While it’s not required for physicians to know the benefits of CBD like they would with any other prescription medicine, they should still be able to tell you if they have heard of the product and if they know of its benefits. If your primary care physician doesn’t know about the product, consider calling a few providers in your insurance network.

The Science of CBD Is What Matters

CBD is effective due to the scientific research and testing that goes into it. You’ll want to purchase CBD products from reputable brands that focus on the science of the product and not just its popularity. Look for official documents like certificates of analysis, lab results or any other research that goes into the product. Brands like Promise Drops CBD provide these types of documents so that you, the consumer, know exactly what you are getting. Not every batch of CBD is the same, so the brand you choose should offer different spec sheets for you to review.

Work with a Brand that Speaks to You

There’s no shortage of CBD providers both online and offline. With the science and research part out of the way, the next most important thing is that you work with a brand that really fits your lifestyle. CBD is a type of alternative wellness product that carries a certain lifestyle with it. If a brand you are interested in doesn’t meet your values and interests, it might not be the best brand for you.

Use these tips and don’t hesitate to ask questions to your CBD provider. As with anything you purchase, do plenty of research beforehand and build confidence into the product you are buying.


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